Hybrid traffic sign active D6

Hybrid traffic sign active D6

Hybrid traffic active sign D6 enables more effective protection of pedestrians at crossings and in dangerous places without access to the external network.

Technical Specifications:

D6 flashing LED traffic sign (pylon)

The set includes:

Wind turbine

Turbine power: 400 W 24 V

Number of blades: 3 or 5 pcs.

Photovoltaic panel

Power of the panels: > 2 x 180 W 24 V

Monocrystalline, toughened solar glass (thickness 3.2 mm), covered with an anti-reflex layer, Panels were tested under IEC 61215 for snow load up to 5400 Pa (approx. 5.4 kN/m2) and IEC 61730. Certificates held: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 2859-1

D6 flashing LED traffic sign (pylon) – double-sided D6 pylon  900×900 mm LED illuminated from the inside

– double-sided LED pulsator with a diameter of 300 mm above the pylon;

motion sensors – sensors make the sign lightly illuminated when there are no pedestrians; when motion is detected, the sign and the crosswalk are fully illuminated, pulsator blinks 24 hours/day. Such a solution provides a driver with a visible message about the pedestrian presence and additionally significantly reduces the power consumption by increasing the autonomy;

– the use of high-efficiency light sources and a proprietary controller, together with specially developed software, makes the traffic sign perfectly suited for solar power supply.

– weight: < 25 kg

LED fitting LED fitting power: 50 W

Max. brightness of the crosswalk illumination: approx. 5500 lm

The fitting is placed under the D6 flashing LED traffic sign (polon)

– high-efficiency crosswalk illumination with a strongly directed light source (crosswalk is illuminated appropriately, and there is no sideways light diffusion that can dazzle drivers);

Hybrid controller 12 V / 24 V 20 A

light, as well as lighting time, is controlled through intelligent PWM, water-resistance class IP68, built-in dawn to dusk sensor, automatic brake and cut-off of powered load,

Battery 2 x 100 Ah 12 V – gel battery for hybrid installations, fully sealed, maintenance-free
Battery box Steel, placed on a pole.
Pole height: 6 m, arm at 5.5 m height, arm length: 6 m

clearance under the sign 5.5 m, hot-dip galvanised steel**

wind turbine arm and photovoltaic panel framing

adapted for wind zone I,

Certified, conical pole


MABO traffic light pole model: 312 acc. to the catalogue

with an additional support structure for photovoltaic panels, with a wind turbine arm for individual guidelines (dimensions, weight, number of panels)

height: 6.5m, arm at  approx. 6.45 m height arm length up to 7.5 m

clearance under the sign approx. 6.5 m, hot-dip galvanised steel**

conical pole – in accordance with EN 40-5:2002 and  EN 40-2

car crash: “0” class in accordance with EN 12767,

certificates of structural stability in accordance with EN 40-3-1,

safety class “B”, deformation capacity class “2”,

roughness class “II”

The structure conforms to: EN 1090

adapted for wind zone I according to PN-EN 1991-1-4

Foundation Complete prefabricated foundation, Certified
Operating time The set allows the traffic sign to operate without sun or wind up to 250 h

Hybrydowy znak aktywny D6 - BrasiT
Hybrydowy znak aktywny D6 z podświetleniem przejścia dla pieszych - BrasiT
Hybrydowy znak aktywny D6 - BrasiT

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