Smart Solar Bench LST1

Smart Solar Bench LST1 – a component of street furniture with an autonomous system for charging mobile devices and tourist equipment while relaxing. Park benches are usually made of wood, making them a natural part of the surroundings. An innovative solution is the use of photovoltaic panels in park benches. Solar power generation uses the existing canopy/bench surface to heat the seat, for powering the LED lighting, ambient monitoring, mobile device charging stations or Wi-Fi hot spots. Park benches can operate autonomously or with an external 230 VAC power supply.

A bench with an autonomous solar power system, ideal for places where there is no access to electricity or the cost of wiring is very high, such as outdoor gyms, playgrounds, walking and cycling paths, picnic areas to name a few.

Ławka solarna fotowoltaiczna LST1
LST1 Solar bench specification:

  • 265Wpi photovoltaic panel integrated with the bench.
  • Integrated energy storage, control electronics and protective devices
    • Built-in 12-24 Ah 12V battery with overcharge protection
    • Built-in 4 USB ports with min 1A output current
  • Built-in QI chargers for wireless charging
  • Option to expand the bench with LEV charging stations with access control, intelligent night illumination and bike repair stations (stand + wrenches)
    • Connection of an external single-phase power supply (optional)
  • LED illumination
  • Space for extra branding
  • Fixing to the ground – the bench has a ground anchor point
  • Sturdy design of galvanised and powder-coated steel profiles
  • 4 bicycle stands, integrated into the body of the bench
  • Wooden pine seats

Solarna ławka fotowoltaiczna

  • The perfect piece of landscaping.
  • A trendsetting approach – introducing innovative solutions into the public space.
  • Developing a pro-social image – creating usable urban architecture.
  • Supporting the eco-innovation image – the use of renewable energy sources.

All benches are scalable and customisable, in particular when it comes to the number and choice of types of electrical outlets.

More of our smart solar bench models available on the website:

Sample implementation:

Ławka solarna LST1 BrasiT

Ławka solarna LST1

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