Hybrid Street lamp

LED hybrid street lamps are most often used for street lighting. They work without using the mains power supply. It is based entirely on solar and wind energy which is unlimited, safe and environmentally friendly. The system consists mainly of a wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, an LED light source, a controller and a battery.

During the day when sunlight is present, the photovoltaic panel converts solar energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery. When there is a lack of sunlight the lamp is supported by a wind turbine  –  it uses wind energy, and as in the case of solar energy, converts it into electrical energy. At night or during cloudy and rainy days the controller with the help of sensors can calculate the brightness of daylight and automatically turn on the light with appropriate intensity.

hybrid street lamp

The greatest advantage of street LED hybrid lamps is their total independence from sources of energy other than sun and wind. Thanks to this they can be installed in places where access to a standard energy network is very difficult or impossible.

We exclusively use the highest quality materials that ensure long and failure-free work for the construction of the hybrid unit. The system of intelligent electronics with a controller protects the battery from overcharging and excessive discharging. Hybrid lamps have an option of programming the time of work and controlling the lighting after dark, this can also be performed through wireless control.

Hybrydowa lampa uliczna - BrasiT

Possible application of LED street solar and hybrid lamps:

  • roads and streets
  • pedestrian crossings
  • intersections
  • car parks and pavements
  • residential areas
  • schools and sport grounds
  • dangerous places in road traffic
  • gardens, parks, and green areas
  • cemeteries
  • private properties
  • protected and industrial areas

Configuration of the system can be customized in accordance with specific requirements of the client or project. We take utmost care so that the designed system meets our client’s expectations.
We ask for direct contact in case of a trade offer enquiry.

Hybrydowa lampa uliczna

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