Solar street lamp

LED solar street lamps work without using the mains as a power supply. It is based entirely on solar energy which is unlimited, safe and environmentally friendly. The system consists mainly of photovoltaic panel, the LED light source, a controller and a battery.

During the day when sunlight is present, the solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery. At night or during cloudy and rainy days the controller with the help of sensors can calculate the brightness of daylight and automatically turn on the light.

Solar street lamp

Solar lamps powered by energy from sunlight constitute a wonderful alternative to classic street lighting, especially in places far from infrastructure where it is not economical to provide electrical power. Every solar lamp is independent and ready to work immediately after installation. The installation of solar lamps is fast and easy. It does not require complicated project documentation or consultation with the local power provider.

Solar lighting is used worldwide. It is a kind of innovative and energy saving lighting product which uses high power LED lights and are powered by a set of photovoltaic panels. The generated light does not contain UV, infra-red, heat or radiation. Our street lamps are a form of “green” environmentally friendly sources of light which provide energy saving.

Solarna lampa uliczna - BrasiT

Possible application of LED street solar and hybrid lamps:

  • roads and streets
  • pedestrian crossings
  • intersections
  • car parks and pavements
  • residential areas
  • schools and sport grounds
  • dangerous places in road traffic
  • gardens, parks, and green areas
  • cemeteries
  • private properties
  • protected and industrial areas

Configuration of the system can be customized in accordance with the specific requirements of the client or project. We take utmost care so that the designed system meets our client’s expectations.
We ask for direct contact in the case of a trade offer enquiry.

Solarna lampa uliczna LED - BrasiT

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